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Hello, my name is Tina Gaffer. I am a single mother to two wonderful boys; Noah (Brianna) and Caleb is 14 and loves all things that race. I also have a Grand-daughter Sophia Lynn.  I live on a nine acre hobby farm and enjoy all aspects of country living and farm life. I have an accounting business degree as well as a life coaching degree.


I discovered my passion to INSPIRE health and wellness after losing 110 pounds and maintaining that weight loss since 2010. I am a certified diet/wellness/life coach and have been coaching and teaching people how to achieve and maintain healthy living lifestyles since 2011. This lead me to open the doors of Inspire Health & Wellness in February of 2016. Using my degree in life coaching and my certification in diet/wellness, I’m able to tailor a healthy eating plan for you which will give you the tools you need to learn balance in the midst of your busy life, one step at a time, at an affordable cost.  Inspire's Diet/Wellness plan is VERY similar to all the big diet plans out there but I give you the one on one coaching you need with NO big fees or year memberships. 

At Inspire Health & Wellness, I teach healthy living through meal planning, food combinations, exercise and balance; all in a nonjudgmental zone. I encourage strength, grace and emotional well-being by educating my clients on how to deal with emotional eating habits in all of it’s forms.

I love to challenge myself in life by running races like Tough Mudders (through the wounded warrior project), Ragnar Relay team runs, and other fundraising runs around the area. I encourage moving and compassion for all life's situations and goals.

I help clients through their personal experiences of trauma, emotional, social, sad and happy eating situations. I encourage goal setting for yourself and bio-individuality/balance in your life.

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Inspire Health & Wellness is a non-judgmental place where we
encourage healthy eating habits and inspire life changes through “diet” and exercise plans that fit into your life and schedule. We offer meal prepping classes, grab and bake-at-home meals, health and wellness coaching, and life coaching. Our passion is to teach our clients about healthy living one step at a time. It’s about little changes, it’s about progress, and it’s about inspiring you to live the healthiest lifestyle for you. We are with you every step of the way providing you with the encouragement you need to reach your healthy living goals without expensive yearly fees and hidden costs.

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