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We are so excited to announce our (licensed) food truck! We can work with you on a menu and serve right on site!

Birthday parties • Graduations • Weddings • Employee Appreciation • Festivals • Retirement Parties
Family Reunions • Workplace lunches • Any event where food is needed!!

menu options

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps
Turkey cheddar Wraps
Steak bites w/veggies
Ranch chicken tenders w/veggies
Chicken Salads with Homemade Ranch seasoning
Pizzas, cauliflower crust pepperoni, sausage, BBQ chicken
Protein Fruit Smoothies
Simple taco in a bag
***Menu can change based on what’s available, or what is needed for your event.
Protein Fruit Smoothies
Breakfast Pizzas
Breakfast Sandwichess made to order
Fruit cups
Breakfast wraps(eggs, bacon/sausage, cheese)
Cinnamon rolls

OR you pick the menu for your event!! Contact us to answer all your questions. 


Check out our event page to see where we will be.

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